“Farm to Table” – a new concept in full swing

In February, we set out to see the local farmers in order to personally acquaint ourselves with the products and production processes they are using at their farms. The main objective of this expedition was to identify the very best produce originating from the Czech farms and to make sure that the practices used in breeding, crops cultivating and subsequent processing all conform to the principles of eco-farming. “For only such products will be included in the list of raw materials from which we will be preparing dishes within the framework of the new Zlatá Praha restaurant´s “Farm to Table” concept, says Head Chef Roman Dolejš.



The fundamental of the “Farm to Table” concept is high-quality, fresh and seasonal raw materials cultivated in a natural way, with the emphasis being on the preservation of their authentic tastes. Only a dish prepared from such raw ingredients and cooked purely according to the traditional recipes avoiding any additives or other substitutes can deliver a perfect gastronomic experience and is at the same time nutritive in a well-balanced and valuable way. Choosing high-quality products closely relates to supporting local farmers, which is the second yet no less important pillar upholding our new concept.



While developing our recipes, we put huge emphasis on careful selection of all the ingredients used. We test and taste all the individual raw materials several times, so that we can finally arrive at an absolutely perfect taste. If we ourselves are not satisfied with the resulting dish, we keep searching for additional sources to eventually get us to the expected, fine-tuned taste.


Preparation of the dish from the scratch is another important factor marking the “Farm to Table” concept. Only under the condition that everything has been honestly cooked and prepared right in our kitchen can our guests be absolutely sure that the highest-quality raw materials have been used in the process exclusively.


An inseparable part of the “Farm to Table” concept is represented by the support provided to local farmers in the first place. At choosing our suppliers, we therefore prefer guaranteed local farmers complying with the stringent criteria set for natural breeding, cultivating crops without chemical treatment and processing the offered products in a sensitive way. It is just them who, through their diligence and dedication, have been facilitating the comeback of high-quality sources and healthy products, for which we should all be much obliged.


Follow our blog, we will be gradually acquainting you with our gastronomy in a more focused way and will be adding our favourite recipes, too.


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